The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect

Compound Effect

“Every decision, no matter how slight, alters the trajectory of your life.” – Darren Hardy

I have always been fascinated by people who are able to achieve greatness in a certain field, in what seems to be a very short period of time. This ‘overnight success’ effect has always eluded me until I read Darren Hardy’s ‘The Compound Effect’. This book explains that the ability to achieve any goal is based solely on one’s commitment to consistently accomplish very small tasks every single day, which build on each other to create proficiency and eventually, mastery. Here are the top 5 key insights from this book that I believe can have the most profound impact on your ability to achieve success.

1. Don’t Sleepwalk Through Life

Sometimes our daily routines and habits put us into a trance of inefficiency, onset by our utterly distracting environments. Life today exposes us to a barrage of attention-grabbing nonsense, which has been carefully designed to infiltrate your subconscious without you realizing you have been hypnotized. We must actively decide what information we want to absorb and what actions we want to take. We must become aware of, and choose, greatness! Determine things you do every single day that you don’t consciously decide to do, and take ownership of that time. It is amazing how much time is wasted doing things that add no value to our lives and that take away from accomplishing our goals. Where our attention goes, our energy flows. Focus on what has a direct impact on the lives of you and your family.

2. Always Take Responsibility For Your Actions

In order to become the best at what you do, you must hold yourself accountable. Don’t make excuses! You decide your own fate; you create your own attitude and emotions. There are always events that bring us to our knees. Those who succeed are those who learn what they did wrong, understand the value they gained from it, get back up, and never make the same mistake again. Perseverance is the linchpin in your ultimate success, and a responsible, positive attitude is the fuel that keeps the engine running.

3. Self-Reflection

Most successful people have realized the benefits of introspection and have attributed a large part of their success to their ability to know exactly what they want and why. Write in a journal every night before you go to bed about three things that happened that day, your current mood, any big thoughts or ideas you have, and what you are thankful for. Give thanks to others and express your appreciation for everything they have done to help you. Take 20 minutes a day to meditate and clear your mind. It is unbelievable how beneficial meditation is, and how much it will help you eliminate stress and focus on what really matters to you.

4. Track Everything!

You can best improve things when you track them. Keep track of the metrics of your life and business. Keep a detailed account of everything you do, and focus on the tasks that will help you improve. Track one habit for 3 weeks: food, alcohol, exercise, television, time on Facebook, etc. Be thorough, relentless, organized and consistent. Choose the habit that has the largest impact on your life and change or modify it for the better!

5. Determine Your ‘Why’

When your why is big enough, you will do whatever it takes to succeed. Your why should be beyond material things and money; it should take root in happiness and success. Ask yourself why you get up in the morning, then ask it 5 more times. Find the core of your ambitions and passions. If you had all the money and freedom in the world, how would you spend your time? This will be the grappling hook you throw into the future that will allow you to pull yourself through any hardship or setback to achieving your true purpose. What makes your heart sing?

To grow a tree you must spend much time watering, fertilizing, pruning and taking care of it while its young. Effort, time, and practice. After a few years, it will grow healthy and strong on its own. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. It takes 300 instances of positive reinforcement to turn a new habit into an unconscious practice. Change your habits today to create the future you desire.


I hope this post has added value to your day and you will leave this page feeling inspired to implement some of these concepts into your own life. I would love to hear your thoughts, so please comment and share!

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